Cycling in Johannesburg

Commuter cycling in Johannesburg is possible. Choosing to commute by bicycle has many benefits: you will get exercise on your way and from work, you will enjoy the fresh air and develop a new perspective on your city, you will interact more with pedestrians and neighbours, you will save money on petrol and parking if you leave your car at home, and you will be contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions through motorised transport.

Although the hilly terrain of the city is a challenge, and many worry about heavy traffic congestion and poor road etiquette, the truth is that Jozi is a very cycleable city, especially for shorter commuters of around 10km or less. The City of Johannesburg has committed to investing in cycling infrastructure to make it safer, and JUCA has committed to keeping tabs on the City to make sure they deliver on their promises. In the meantime, don’t be scared to try cycling. The trick is to try and exploit some of the less traffic-congested back routes and to avoid the busy car-heavy roads. Our map can help you work out the best, least hilly, and least traffic-heavy routes. Why not set up a bike train to commute in pairs or small groups from your neighbourhood, while you get use to the route and your road?

Need some help getting started? Visit  our page on tips for cycling in Johannesburg or feel free to contact us to ask for advice and support. We’re here to help you get on your bike!

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