Progress on University Corridor Cycle Lanes

Progress is being made on the planned protected cycle lanes in the University corridor, from the University of Johannesburg through to Wits.

This route is aimed at connecting students and staff members of both UJ and Wits. It will run between the UJ Kingsway Campus and the UJ Doornfotein Campus. It is intended to cater to members of the public who are commuting between Hillbrow and Park Station and those who are commuting between Park Station and Mellville. The length of the route will be approximately 15 km. It entails dedicated off road and on-road lanes. These photos show a trial section of the route on Jorrison Street in Braamfontein, which are being painted in order to coincide with the upcoming Freedom Ride.

image image image image image

(Photos: Linzi Lewis, Gilles Baro, Muhammed Suleman and Urban Joburg)