Become OR meet a Bike Angel

Would you like to learn how to ride a bicycle?Are you looking for someone to cycle with together on your regular trip? Would you like to learn how to maintain your bicycle? Are you looking to meet others using bicycles for commuting? And more…

Or have you been thinking about offering your cycling experience to others who are interested? Perhaps you have a favorite cycling route you would like to share with others?

Then become a meet a bicycle angel. This is free and voluntary.

JUCA has partnered with the Brazilian NGO  – Bike Anjo – to bring to the fantastic online platform to connect people who are bicycling with those who are interested. It is very easy to use.  It is already very popular around the world with people in 560 cities (and growing) using it.

In the very near future, we will be organising physical meetings of people in Johannesburg using Bike Anjo. For now dive in and happy cycling.

Find out about being a Bike Angel below:

JUCA wants you!

JUCA is looking for volunteers – both individuals and organisations – to partner with on a few projects. We are currently a voluntary association relying on the time and resources of willing participants. We have achieved some great things. However, we can do even more together with you! We have a number of exciting projects where we need assistance.

Jozi bike kitchen

We are building a community bicycle space from where existing and potential bicycle users can congregate, learn and support another. A physical space to grow a cycling our community. We need help setting it up and volunteering at the space.

Re-imagining bicycling in Johannesburg

Help us break myths about commuter cycling in Johannesburg. You can do so by writing articles or creating multimedia for publication on our website and distribution on social media or hosting cycling events such as ‘cycle to work’ days.

Bicycle commuter map

Help us digitise the current bicycle map and grow the number of routes.

Volunteers are welcome to offer us as much or as little time to these projects, it’s just about getting involved and building a greater cycling community. If you are interested send an email to



JUCA welcomes Gautrain Support for Active and Public Transportation

In a recently issued request for proposals (RFP), the Gautrain Management Agency (GMA) signaled its continued support for cycling, walking, and public transportation.

The RFP broadly seeks to understand how the GMA can improve public and active transportation options to the high speed train stations. We welcome this. In particular we are pleased to see an intent to explore the feasibility of a public bicycle sharing system at one of the train stations in Pretoria. Such a scheme we believe would certainly lower some barriers to bicycling and send a positive public signal about utility cycling.

Given the apartheid spatial legacy which contains to present long travel distances, we have always seen part of the solution to supporting everyday cycling in Johannesburg and rest of the country as twining it with public transport. In effect weaving together cycling and buses, trains, taxis into one system. We are glad the GMA is taking a positive step in this direction.

This also means allowing and enabling bicycle users should they choose, to take their bicycles aboard buses and trains. The GMA and many other public transport operators are yet to take this step. We would like to see other public transport agencies following suit and seeking full integration. We would like to see this in the future even on a trial basis to foreshadow wider roll-out.


Open Letter to City of Johannesburg Executive Mayor Councillor Herman Mashaba

Dear Mayor Mashaba

The Johannesburg Urban Cyclist Association (JUCA) have noted with concern your recent pronouncements, without consultation, on reallocation of budgets for cycling.

We would appreciate the benefit of an audience with yourself and the MMC Transport so we get clarity on the implications of your decision.

We would not want to presume your views and would require further clarity on the following:

1. What is the status of existing and already completed cycling infrastructure?

2. What is the status of cycling infrastructure currently under construction – including the bridge between Alexandra and Sandton?

3. What is the DA Johannesburg’s policy on non-motorized transport? Johannesburg is a city in which two-thirds of households do not have access to private cars.

We at JUCA remain convinced of the multiplier benefits of cycling as a mode of commuter mobility together with walking. These include and are not restricted to:
1. Healthier lifestyles,
2. Improved air quality,
3. Better use of limited urban space,
4. Household savings on mobility costs,
5. Improved access,
6. Safety for all categories of road users.

We hereby request for a reply and/or meeting with yourself as soon as possible so we get official clarity on these matters.

With anticipation,

The Board of Directors, JUCA

Visualizing a protected intersection in Johannesburg

What could a protected intersection look like in Johannesburg?

In the past few years, we have seen some steady growth in bicycle infrastructure in the city.

Design approaches of bicycle lanes have evolved for the better. Below the earliest bicycle lane design which can easily be scaled over.

Rumble strip separated bicycle lane
Rumble strip separated bicycle lane


The much better curb separated bicycle lane design below.

Cycle track in Hillbrow
Curb separated cycle track


In Alex, just a stones throw from Sandton, there is even a bicycle specific signal.

Green bike signal
Green bike signal

However, we are yet to see a fully protected bicycle intersection. Such an intersection would be especially important at the confluence of arterial routes featuring heavy motor traffic flows.

Stellenbosch, with a much lower population than Johannesburg and heavier motor traffic has one.

Protected intersection in Stellenbosch. Photo courtesy @carltonreid
Protected intersection in Stellenbosch. Photo courtesy @carltonreid
Protected intersection in Stellenbosch. Photo courtesy @carltonreid










It follows then that Johannesburg should introduce some for safer cycling. Hiten Bawa of Ludwig Hansen Architects + Urban Designers has designed one for an intersection in Braamfontein. Below is how that intersection currently looks.

Intersection in Braamfontein. Source: Google Streetview

An alternative perspective of the same below.

Alternative view of intersection in Braamfontein. Source: Google Streetview
Alternative view of intersection in Braamfontein. Source: Google Streetview


This intersection has a bicycle lane on the left hand side of the road separated from motor traffic by low yellow rumble strips. As you can see in the foreground, some minibus taxis are parked comfortably inside them.

Here is how Hiten would transform that intersection.

Protected intersection concept in Braamfontein.
Protected intersection concept in Braamfontein. Design: Hiten Bawa, Ludwig Hansen Architects + Urban Designers
He describes it as follows:
The forward stop bar is a white marker on the ground to indicate where cyclists should stop and not become an obstruction to on-coming traffic turning around the corner – alternatively it can be a concrete tactile paving block. design does incorporate pedestrian/cyclist priority traffic lights with audible traffic signals to accommodate vision and hearing-impaired people. Audible traffic signals gives vibrations and sounds to indicate safe crossing.

What do you think?